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or other undesirable feature such as prominent bags under the eyes. However, there is no need to invest in specialized lighting or worry about your subject's facial flaws when you are shooting. You can soften under eye bags by using Adobe michael kors rose gold wallet photo editing software to make subjects look their very best. Scroll down to "Modify" which will open another selection box to the right. You will get the feather selection box, select "Feather." It will ask you to select a feather radius. The size of the feather radius is proportionate to the resolution of the photograph. Try michael kors bedford large python-embossed mocha leather tote different feather radiuses to see which selection works best for the area you are working on. The feather selection softens the edges of your selection, which helps you achieve smooth, soft feathered edges instead of rough, hard edges. Once you select the feather area, click "OK."?How to reduce eye bags To get rid of bags or dark circles under the eyes, you can place cucumber or potato slices on the eyes. OR, you can take used tea bags(make sure they are cool!) and squeeze the tea out. Place the tea bags over your eyes for 30 minutes. Do this everyday. You see results in about a week. POTATO WORKS BEST Also mix a drop of eye cream with a yellow based concealor and apply below your eyes to hide dark circles creates light reflection and perks up appearance of michael kors jet set tote tired eyes. HERE ARE MORE NATURAL REMEDIESIs it possible that your iron intake is insufficient or low? How can we determine this? What are the natural w tags: mk purses outlet michael kors outlet cheap bags michael kors purse sale