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Stem the flow. Reduce indoor water use by running washing machines and dishwashers only when full, installing low flow shower heads and low flow or dual flush toilets (consider flushing only when necessary) michael kors black berkley clutch and turning off water while brushing teeth. Front loading washers use less water than top loading models. Tankless water michael kors fulton heaters and on demand units reduce waste too. Ways to cut outdoor water use include sweeping driveways, walks and decks instead of hosing off with water, installing a rain sensor and intelligent controller on your irrigation system, switching to drip irrigation and using native, michael kors black studded purse drought tolerant plants in your landscaping. Taking your car to a car wash, where water is recycled, is less wasteful than washing it at home. Shop less and smarter. Everything you buy has impact on the environment: materials, water and energy used to produce it, packaging, and transportation should all be considered. Voting with your dollars provides important feedback to manufacturers and can help create change. Opt for locally produced goods, things made from recycled materials or used items thrift shops, flea markets and websites like Craigslist are great sources. Buy reusable items instead of disposable ones (napkins, handkerchiefs, dishtowels, sponges, etc.). Look for minimal packaging or none at all and bring your own bags with you when you shop. Use a refillable stainless steel water bottle (and fill it with tap water: free) instead of buying pricey bottled water. Se tags: cheap michael kors online store michael kors bags sale michael kors outlet store online