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g. This saves them from getting moldy, plus keeps them up and out of the way the next time an adult takes a shower. Kitty Litter If michael kors gansevoort vanilla and hemp tote you have cats then you have to deal with the litter box. Everyday you have to michael michael kors jet set monogram signature tote clean out the little box to prevent smells. Make the job faster by first lining the litter pan with a open plastic bag. Next time you go to change the litter box you can just grab the handles and tie the bag up and toss. No more scrubbing the litter box to get out all the smells. Prevent steel wool pads from rusting We all love using the wool pads. But most of the time we use them once and set them on our sink. Then a few days later you go to use it and its rusted. You then throw it out and grab a new one. Save the life in the wool pad by tossing the pad in a plastic bag and it wont rust. You will able to use it once again. That means not only are you recycling a plastic bag, but now you are using that steel wool pad much longer and throwing less of them away. Published by Brandi Thornsberry Starting her writing career in 2006, Brandi has written extensively on shopping for the perfect gift to suit almost any taste. Another one of Brandi's passions is saving money and getting things done cheap.?How to Recycle your plastic grocery bags into a dog leash In this tutorial, we learn how to recycle plastic grocery bags into a dog leash. To begin, you will cut the plastic bags in half, then cut off the handles of the bags. Next, mk hamilton vanilla satchel with rose gold apply glue to the entire ba tags: michael kors online sale louis vuitton official website usa michael kors outlet online store