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d has NO natural healing abilities and will only aid the growth of prostate cancer. Be mindful as michael michael kors jet set logo medium white travel tote you shop for food, you should plan your meals first, michael kors logo belt make a list, write it down. As you plan consider these two types of foods, 1. The stimulate 2. The irritant. The Glands Needs To Be Stimulated Not irritated. The fresh tree ripen tomato is a stimulate: That nourishes and stimulates the prostate gland causing it to produce lots, and lots healthy fluid, that will keep that area strong. The tomato has a natural cancer fighting chemical antioxidant, (lycopene) created by its deep red color and the effects of sunshine. When lycopene is present in abundance in the body cancer can't grow or can't get started. Here's a great prostate cancer preventative cocktail. Ingredients4 cups tomatoes, blender1 tablespoon brewers yeast1/2 cup lemon juice3 tablespoons wheat germ oil/ a pinch sea salt Foods That Irritate The GlandsCoffee, soda pop, water with ice in it, greasy meat, hard fried, over cooked foods. Just to name a few. Once glands are irritated, they often than not send out confused signals. The brain is not a mind as some of us might think, but its a relay station, liken to a control towel at the airport. It sends out messages in response to signals it receives. A body heavily loaded shop michael kors black tote down and burdened with irritants, will cause some confusion in the brain, resulting in sending out its attack white blood cells to destroy healthy red blood cells. And to send out its health tags: cheap michael kors bags online michael kors factory outlet online michael kors factory online