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istributor since August 2009, added, "By not having to transfer all michael kors chain handbag the michael korge scorpios large hanbag contents from one bag to another, Miche Bags allow busy women to save time and money and still be fashionable, by snapping on different shells within seconds to go with every outfit. Women can easily buy a new shell for their bags, and it is like getting a brand new bag! The bags are (also) suitable for traveling as the shells lay flat in a suitcase. Other accessories include purse charms, wallets, and interchangeable handles and straps." Marcy and her Mid Atlantic area representatives sell Miche Bags and accessories mainly via home parties. Miche Bags can also be sold via public vendor shows, fundraisers, and online sales. Marcy says she enjoys promoting and selling Miche Bags because they make being fashionable so practical, affordable, and easy. Selling Miche Bags also allows her to michael kors hamilton navy be her own boss, maintain a flexible schedule, and establish relationships with great women, all while earning an income. This is a great opportunity for moms looking to earn some additional income. Marcy explains the story behind Miche Bags: "The concept came about when Michelle Romero, a Utah woman, spilled something on her favorite purse, prompting her to create the first Miche prototype using fabric scraps, cardboard, and a glue gun. The name evolved from Michelle herself. "Miche" was the nickname given to Michelle by her mother in law. She decided to call the covers "shells" for the second part of her first na tags: cheap michael kors bags on sale michael kors handbags sale red bottom shoes