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level chemistry. There are simple steps to recycling plastic, such as by reusing bottles for storage, or using the plastic sheets to create anything from bags to purses. michael michael kors hamilton large tote navy Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to home based recycling. You can recycle bags by stitching them up to create versatile purses. Some pillows have actually been made using stuffing created out of shredded michael kors clutch plastic. Just remember to shred the plastic bags into small enough pieces to minimize the noise created when pressure is bending plastic. To recycle paper bags, on the other hand, you can create your own paper by shredding the used paper and using chemicals to strain out the ink and other pigments that have been printed on the paper. Once the paper has been bleached, place it on a flat surface to dry, and bind together to create homemade notebooks. Saving the environment does not have to be a difficult task. With little steps, such as when you recycle plastic and paper, you are actually already contributing to the environmental preservation effort and saving up on money along the way.?How to Recycle Plastic Bags and Save a Couple Dollars in the Process How many plastic bags do you have stashed around your house? There are over 500 billion bags used each year, so the odds of you having none around michael kors wristlets your house are pretty slim. The plastic bag situation has grown so serious that several states have laws in place concerning plastic bags. Under New York State Environmental Conservation Law, tags: michael kors bags cheap michael kors handbags outlet online michael kors outlet online