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s with string or twine. If aluminum, michael kors hamilton satchel black gold rinse out, crush (if possible) and throw into recycling bin. Some companies that provide recycling services will ask you to separate plastic and aluminum! So have one bin for each. If glass, rinse out and throw into recycling bin. Some companies may require you to separate glass from plastic and aluminum, so consider buying a third bin. NOTE: Some recycling companies will ask you NOT to crush your cans and bottles. Find out when your city picks up your recycling for you. You will most likely find this information on the same site where you found out the company that provides the service. If your city require you to pay a fee, do so in the appropriate manner. Many cities will have a "sticker system" where one sticker pays for the disposal of a certain amount of recycling. Others will have a billing system where they keep track of the amount of recycling they pick up from michael kors wallet michael kors small jet set tote you and then charge you later in the form of a bill. Whatever the case, make sure you pay for your services or they will be discontinued! The night before your recycling is to be picked up, prepare each bin of plastic, glass and aluminum by making sure they are all sorted correctly. Set all three bins out on the curb. For paper, place the tied stacks in brown paper bags and place alongside your bins on the curb. In the morning, your recycling will be picked up just like your trash is picked up by a trash truck and crew.?How To Recycle Plastic and Paper Bag tags: michael kors outlet cheap bags michael kors outlet bags michael kors outlet online cheap